From the underseater to the extra large baggage, the best kind of spinners for this summer


As we have already said, the travel arrangements for this summer will be slightly different from other years. If, in anticipation of last minute vacations by car, for example, we talked about the great return of the duffle bags, the latest news concern the people that will travel by plane, who for the time being will not be able to bring their luggage on board.

According to the new guidelines, in fact, to avoid contact with other passengers, it is necessary to carry only a bag, a duffel bag or a small luggage to be stored under the seat, in order to make boarding procedures faster. and avoid staying too long outside of the airline seat.


Luggage with larger  dimensions than 36x45x20 cm will therefore be placed in the hold, including the 40x55x20 cm spinners, the standard hand luggage. If, in some ways, this news does not represent a break with the past since several airlines had already begun to limit the access of hand luggage on board, in other ways new scenarios are drawn up in regard to the kind of baggage to bring during travels, subverting in a certain way the now consolidated certainty of the “hand luggage”.

The carry-on spinner is, of course, an unmissable travel companion, thanks to its dimensions and the easiness of its transportation during travels by plane, but now the attention shifts to luggage with different dimensions: we are talking about the underseater, a model that has been around for a year now, and the medium and large spinners.
Roncato spinner

The advantage of medium and large spinners is the possibility of storing a large amount of content in a roomy baggage, whose easiness of transportation is given by the sliding wheels and the pull-out handle that makes even an 81 cm luggage easy to handle. It is inevitable to think that, to date, the hold baggage is more suitable for travels by plane, if the need is to streamline boarding procedures: considering that the weight and dimensions that are usually necessary to carry a baggage on board are not relevant at the moment, it may be useful to move towards more capacious accessories to be placed practically in the hold, suitable for slightly longer trips (such as summer vacations).

Samsonite UnderseaterA different kind of luggage are the underseaters, soft or rigid spinners with dimensions that do not exceed 45 centimeters in height, specifically designed to be stored under the seats of the airline. Compact and designed to better organize the content with the minimum of space, these spinners are perfect for the professional who is used to dealing with short trips or for those who like to bring the bare minimum on board anyway.

In this case, the duffle bags also become an excellent alternative, thanks to the versatility that distinguishes the design of this specific kind of travel accessory. The same thing also applies to travel kits, small garment bags or large necessaires, which can be carried as if they were small duffle bags.

The world of spinners and suitcases changes compatibly with the evolution of the trip itself, which in 2020 took an unprecedented turn, triggering unexpected actions and reactions, to which the luggage world is already adapting thanks to the vast assortment existing.