As we have already discovered, the iconic bag of the Turin company Borbonese is the Luna Bag a crescent-shaped bag made specifically to celebrate the first man on the moon, a historical moment that has marked the contemporaneity from 1969 to today.

Over the years the company has proposed different sizes and variants of this bag, conquering more and more lovers of an elegant, refined, and chic style. This is in fact the key of the success of this bag, a highly recognizable and particular design capable of not neglecting the functional aspect and practicality, thus generating a versatile model and perfect for every feminine need.

Also for the Spring/Summer 2023 collections Borbonese has launched new shades for this Luna Bag, each of these declined according to the collections that the brand offers.

We are obviously talking about the Eco Line, the collection in recycled and recyclable fabric, which expands its catalog with summer color variants such as bright blue and beige, in the now iconic OP print texture (partridge eye): small gem of the summer collection Eco Line is the variant in light gold, metallic and sparkling, to make the Luna bag even more original and fun, perfect for any look. Speaking of OP printing, of course you cannot miss the version of the Luna Bag in waxed canvas fabric, with an elegant effect and pleasant to the touch.

The Luna model is also included in the models in partnership with La Ganda, the consortium of breeders known for its commitment to sustainability, in a fascinating color shade and perfect for the summer, the “yachting blue”, a bright blue sea that goes well with the maxi gold charm placed on the shoulder of the model. This variant is part of the 011 collection, Borbonese’s line dedicated to his hometown (the prefix of Turin is 011), including models characterized by high quality materials and refined design.