When you want to travel in complete comfort, carrying everything you need in a simple way, without giving up a unique and always very casual style, a collection like the Travelite Terminal can only be the winning choice. Trolley Cabina Travelite Terminal
This collection of suitcases, in fact, provides a series of very special trolleys, available in three sizes, which can satisfy the needs of all travelers.
First of all, the models have an unbreakable polypropylene outer shell that also exhibits a scratch-resistant texture on its surface: these features, together with the snap closure on three sides, make the products much more resistant, even to water. The safety in storing your personal belongings is also increased thanks to the TSA combination.
The inside of the luggage can be easily organized through the internal fabric dividers with zip closure and also thanks to the clothes straps.Trolley Medio Travelite Terminal
The style of these products is made even more original by the colors available: bright, fresh and bright shades that give a truly casual and jaunty look to these models.
The transport of luggage is very easy not only thanks to the presence of the upper handle but also thanks to the removable multi-release handle, which, together with the four swivel wheels, allows you to carry the luggage very easily.
Therefore, the Terminal line can only be considered the perfect union between practicality and beauty, since it manages to give every trip or move its exceptional and authentic look.