Sustainability, lightness and color are the three key points of the new Samsonite women’s bag collections for Spring/ Summer 2022 collections.

The new collections of the famous brand, in fact, this year enter the fashion field with models in fresh and particular shades, made through the use of recycled materials.

Speaking of Samsonite it is necessary to start by mentioning the Essentially Karissa line which, through an environmentally conscious production, reinvents some models of the already existing brand, giving them a completely new character and style: the shopping bag, for example, with the its zip fasten and large compartments, is a perfect accessory for any daily commitment that requires functionality and comfort. Another choice, however, could fall into the handbag with shoulder strap, a product suitable for any woman who wants to carry her personal belongings with her and always be able to organize them in the best possible way.

These products are available in the particular and delicate shades of “sky blue” and “pearl lavender”, perfect for completing summer outfits in the name of freshness and positive sensations.

For those, on the other hand, who want handbags with more classic but always impressive colors, the brand offers the Amneris collection, whose products are available in black, blue and white. The women’s bags of this collection, such as the women’s backpack with padded shoulder straps and zip closure, have details in saffiano-effect , which make them a particular example of elegance and practicality which, even in this case, does not renounce the safeguard of the environment.

However, this collection also includes other very chic models, such as the shoulder bag with flap, which is the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up their unique style, without neglecting functionality, a feature that can also be appreciated in a moment of relaxation or free time.

The Camden SMSNT collection, on the other hand, is the perfect solution to express a casual style but always attentive to details: as you can see in the shoulder bags, in fact, the models of the line are not only very practical thanks to the numerous pockets and compartments they present, but they also have a unique character, recognizable in the detail of the rubberized charm present in the closing zip.

Therefore, all that you need is to choose the model that suits yur habits and preferences, which allows us to fully show our chic and inimitable style.