In addition to the ideal suitcase for your holiday, even the backpack you take with you is able to make a difference, contributing to the convenience and the success of a trip thanks to the ability to carry on the shoulder everything you need.

In the world of travel accessories there are many types of backpack, but Travelite is definitely one of the brands that counts, in its assortment, a wide choice of models, sizes, materials and colors, thus meeting the needs of each traveller and type of trip.

Emblematic of this are the Travelite backpacks of the Meet and Skaii line, for example, with a simple design but full of pockets, one for computer, making them ideal not only for travel but also for work and leisure.

Even the Kick Off line, which we have already talked about as highly versatile and ideal for summer holidays, presents its assortment of backpacks, ranging from smaller sizes to models with duffle bag portability, more capacious, perfect to contain the necessary for a one night escape and to bring inside the cabin of the plane.

Last but not least, we cannot but dedicate a deepening to the Basics line, backpacks that – as the line itself says – minimize the frills but enrich the models of all pockets and compartments necessary for travel and outdoor life, without neglecting the color, which especially on vacation becomes a key element.

All Travelite Basics models, backpacks, bags and shoulder bags, are made of fabric, available in cheerful, lively and varied color palettes, and that wink at different needs: this is, for example, the case of rolltop model bicycle bags (i.e., with rollable upper end), equipped to be attached to the sides of the bike seat, resistant to stains and rain.